Welcome to our blog! We thought you would like to know a bit about what is going on down at the harbour and the fresh catch coming in. So since we like to talk about nothing better, here it is. A blog all about our fish.

Pegasus in Apollo Bay harbour

We’ve recently been collaborating with Gem Pier Seafoods up at Williamstown. They have a great little outfit on the pier selling fresh fish they catch on their own boats, so it is a good place to stop off on your way back to Melbourne if you have been enjoying your fresh fish down here. The good news for us is that their boats Amayos and Pegasus are moored in Apollo Bay, so when they come in we are able to grab a few crates of fresh fish before they take the rest up the road to the city. That has got to be the freshest fish in the state – straight off the boat with zero road miles. This week we have had fresh octopus, blue eye, a lot of different shark species, snapper and knife jaw.

Fresh baby snapper

Easter was pretty busy this year as holiday makers were blessed with some glorious Autumn weather. Now life is slowly getting quieter down at the harbour. Most of our lobster fishermen are coming to the end of their quota, even though the season doesn’t officially end till September 15. We’ll snap up as many of the last few lobster as we can for our own shop, with the rest going to the Melbourne markets. It’s the last opportunity for feasting on good, fresh cray (until September of course).

With the Easter full moon bringing high tides and big swell, fishermen are looking forward to taking a break. You’ll see a few boats on the slipway making repairs and repainting. There will still be some intrepid local fishermen out there  braving the weather to bring back fresh whole snapper. Just right for roasting in the oven with a drizzle of oil and a few potatoes – there’s a good recipe if you need one here.

We’ll see you down at the harbour. Thanks for supporting our local fishermen!